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7th November 2005

gaelle198:01pm: Bills in Victoria
I'm extremely excited! Although the Bills live in Victoria and area, they rarely ever play here. They're playing at the Belfry on December 5 and it'll be nice to see them perform when it's not raining out(last time -> at Butchart Gardens in the summer in the torrential rain)!
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2nd September 2005

busto12:50pm: Yup.
Whee, just thought I'd say hullo to everyone here...what a pleasant surprise to see a community devoted to a band that I was only moments ago ranting and raving about to my friends. :-)

Haven't seen the Bills perform live yet, no, not entirely, but I caught Mr. Frye and Mr. Manders playing at the Ottawa Folk Fest a week and a bit ago, and was just in absolutely awe. I picked up Let 'Em Run a couple of days ago, and it has been spinning full blast, non-stop in this room since then. Yummy. Hope to see the band around here soon!

Bye Bye for now...

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7th August 2005

planegirl11:01pm: It's about Damn Fine Time that The Bills came back to Boise
Hey, HEY- who should I hear Saturday morning on the local radio station (KBSU) but The Bills!!! They played "When The Bucket Runs Dry" and it sounded LOVELY.
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13th May 2005

oritpetra8:37pm: Hey There!

Wow, I'm so glad I stumbled across this community. I saw the Billy Hilly Band a couple years ago at the Stan Rogers Folk Festival in Canso, N.S. and I immediately fell in love with their energetic performance, and they're great music. I bought a copy of their CD All Day Every Day and I have loved it ever since. When I brought it home, my whole family fell in love with it too! I would love to see them in concert again. Watching them play in such close proximty at the StanFest 2003 (I believe that's the year they played) was one of the best experiences I've had at StanFest, which I've been going to since it started. Listening to their music and seeing their on-stage engery in action has helped to inspire and touch me as a musician, as well as put a big goofy grin on my face!

Peace and Love!

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29th April 2005

snakedancer7:58pm: Hey... it's been awesome to hear you guys getting all kinds of airplay on 89.3 The Current in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. You're even on the POSTER for the station! (http://minnesota.publicradio.org/radio/services/thecurrent/images/mpls_homegrown.pdf - on the bottom line between R.E.M. and Neko Case...)

Anyway. That's all...

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13th February 2005

spacy_stacey12:02pm: Junos
Yay for The Bills second Juno Nomination for Best Roots/Traditional Group.

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20th April 2004

planegirl6:37pm: ToTaLLy !!
Bandon, Oregon:
The Bills turn my crank and spin my turbine, and it was nothing less than fantastic to see them play twice in 18 hours...like a tsunami of energy, creativity, and laughter, and I want to go back.
Thank you, guys!!
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12th April 2004

spacy_stacey11:21am: New Album
The new album is sounding great. Can't wait for the release concert! Happy Birthday Adrian!

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2nd March 2004

spacy_stacey12:22am: Fellow Canadian folk buffs
I'm looking for a waltz for a wee choreography project. Something Canadian would be smashing. Either either folky or classical. Any favs out there????

Tune name:

Who it's by or recoreded by:

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31st January 2004

not_fledged_yet6:57pm: New Community
If you like the Bills, chances are you like other folk and roots bands too! Here's the community for you to discuss your favourite non-mainstream styles of music:


For all of your bluegrass, folk, roots, and world music needs. Discussion of any and all non-mainstream music is invited. Share your stories of folk music festivals. Recommend new albums or bands to other users. It's all good.
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13th September 2003

not_fledged_yet2:48pm: I was out for a walk today and I just about ran into (literally) Glenn Manders aka The Reverend Bill Bass. Self-conscious dork that I am, I didn't ask him for his autograph or try to talk to him or anything, for fear of coming across as a Creepy Stalker Girl.

Oh well, so much for my brush with fame...

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23rd August 2003

spinspin1:42pm: Nomination!
The Bills are nominated for the oh-so-cool (and cunningly corporate) Western Canada Music Awards! Fantastic! There's a great website where you can see who they're up against and even listen to 'Covered Front Porch'. Bills Bio!

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